Full Force Foundation


Full Force Foundation, LLC is endowed by Scott and Martha Barnes. Barnes business interests include but are not limited to the following:

Investment Professionals, Inc. (IPI)

IPI is a national investment brokerage firm specializing in bank investment programs.  Please click on logo above to locate the IPI website.

IPI highlights:

SB Value Partners, LP

SB Value Partners is a national registered investment advisor (RIA) which primarily serves community bank investment and trust needs.

SB Value Partners, LP highlights:

“Both IPI and SB Value Partners, LP help to provide employment, investor retirement services and education funding in communities across the country. Full Force Foundation provides Martha and I the ability to give back to our own communities in a more personal way through organizations that truly make a difference in peoples’ lives. We are thrilled to fund this organization."

- Scott A. Barnes
Chairman – Investment Professionals, Inc.
Managing Partner – SB Value Partners, LP